Boardman Valley Nature Preserve

The Boardman River Valley has the highest avian diversity in the County. This trail offers excellent opportunities to see a variety of birds as it passes through several different cover types. Pass through stands of ancient cedar trees and over wooden bridges, pass wetlands, and cross meadows. Scattered throughout the cedar groves are numerous picnic tables for a shaded lunch spot! Also dispersed along the trail are a number of observation/fishing decks overlooking the river. The 90.81-acre Boardman Valley Nature Preserve (BVNP) follows the west side of the Boardman River south from Airport Road, and includes opportunities for hiking, fishing, canoeing/kayaking, tennis, beach volleyball, soccer, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hunting (with prior Township approval), and nature watching. Abutting the Garfield Nature Reserve directly to the south is the Grand Traverse County Natural Education Reserve, offering an additional 400-plus acres of land and seven miles of improved pathways.


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